Library of Iranology

FMThe Foundation aims to help raise awareness of Iran's civilization and culture by providing visitors with an elaborate and extensive library. The library, which is apolitical, covers the works of authors from various trends of thought in the country. A particular focus is made on Iran's history, sociology, culture and geopolitical challenges. The Mossadegh Foundation currently has a collection of about 8,000 titles. This includes books, historical documents, manuscripts of Dr. Mossadegh, photos, videos and recordings. It keeps these documents available to members and interested public.




Reading Room

FMThe catalog can be browsed online (Online Catalog) or at the library. Documents are made available for consultation at the reading room and are not available for borrowing.

The Foundation also provides the necessary equipment to consult multimedia documents.





Conference Room

FMThe library has a conference room where it holds regular meetings on various topics pertaining to culture, art, literature and history of Iran. Conference themes and dates are foreseen in close collaboration with note speakers.

Due to limited seating, conference attendance is possible upon invitation only.



Musique iranienne et poésie persane

miniature per mini


Pages d'histoire d'Iran

Mosssadegh pages d histoire d Iran

Adbol Madjid Bayat Mossadegh
Éditions Geuthner - 2012

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